Thoughts for Thursday: Master Bath Inspiration

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Thoughts for Thursday

We bought our house two years ago and as I've mentioned before we are slowly working on renovating/updating it.   We did our kitchen last winter which you can see some pieces of here and here.  I still owe you a full detailed post on that which I promise is coming next week!!   We are now moving on to our upstairs bathrooms.  First the master and then the hall bath.   I'm so excited to get started on this process. While the bathrooms were in good condition when we moved in they're still almost 30 years old and stuff is just wearing down and obviously not that pretty anymore.

We met with our contractor this week to go over the intial proposal and now comes the fun part.  Picking out the pretty stuff, as I like to call it!  I've been going through my bath Pinterest board and searching the internet all over for ideas.  I'm still not sure exactly what we'll do but here is my starting point.

Our master bath isn't gigantic but we're hoping that we'll be able to make some changes to make it more functional and pretty :)  Right now we only have one sink and a pretty tiny vanity so we're trying to see if we can get two sinks or at least extend out the vanity so there is more storage and counter space.  I would love some pretty mirrors and have no idea what direction I want to go with lighting but I'm thinking I might do sconces or keep the recessed lighting we have because we do have a bulkhead in the bathroom that can't be moved (well it can but it's $$$$ and we're not looking to spend a ton). 

 I promise to keep you all update and once we have the final plan I will share the before pictures and what we're going to do with it.

Has anyone recently completed a major bathroom renovation?  Any advice for me? 

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Flats: Take 'em or Leave 'em?

Since I'm 5'9 and have spent most of my life being taller than everyone I've always loved flats over heels.   Don't get me wrong I love a good pair of heels but there is nothing like someone saying "wow look how tall you are now, are you like 6'5 with those shoes on?" to make you just want to stick with flats.   Can any other tall girls relate? 
My mom on the other hand is 5'4 and I think has two pairs of flats in her closet.  Everything she wears has a heel of some sort or she feels too short. 

I'm in the market for some new "mom" flats- ie shoes I can run around with kids in and not worry about ruining and then some dressier flats for when I go out or I'm not with the kids. 

Here are some I'm loving: 

I found these while browsing Shopbop and I'm totally intrigued.  Has anyone tried this brand?  They are only $55 so I think I might get them to try.  

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge Toms fan and I'm loving this new navy stripe one.  I still haven't replaced my beloved gold herringbone ones because I haven't found a pattern I love but I think this might be it.  I saw them in person too and the picture doesn't do them justice. 

I'm really loving the woven leather for summer.  These remind me of a pair of sandals my mom had in the 80s/90s that I loved so I think that's why I like these. 

I've had my eye on these flats for awhile now and I think I just need to break down and buy them.  I've always been a Steve Madden fan and I feel like they will last you for years and won't break the bank at $60. 

I'm loving the look of these and think they would be so cute with shorts or skinny jeans.  The best part- they're from Target and only $24!!  I'm not sure I can pull them off because I'm not that trendy but I'm going to see if my Target has them today.  

I love these for summer!  I love a good peep toe and a peep toe flat is even better.  These remind me of a pair of Nine West peep toe wedges I used to have which is probably why I love them.  

These are a total splurge but have been on my wishlist forever.  Who doesn't love a classic ballet flat with a little scallop! 

Are you a flats or heels person?  Do you wear one more than the other?

Baby Matthew: 5 Months and Favorites

Some how I blinked and Matthew turned five months old, on April 4th!  I swear it goes by 100x faster the second time around.   I'm almost 10 days late on this but better late than never right?! 

- If I had to guess I would say you weight around 16lbs and are 26 inches long.  You don't seem to be as big as your brother at this age and it appears I'm going to have another skinny boy.  Of course at the rate you're going you and your big brother will probably be the same size come September.   The past month has been so much fun with your.  Your personality is coming through and you are just so easy going and laid back.  You love being a part of the family and watching your big brothers every move.   I love seeing how much you change everyday. 

Diet: You're about 80/20 breastmilk to formula.  My supply has completely dropped off which is exactly what happened with your brother around this time.   The only problem is that over the past two days you suddenly won't take a bottle!!  You've taken one fine for months but I think that you might be teething too because your appetite has been decreased over the past few days.   I'm hoping that's our only problem and nothing more since mama is supposed to go away for 3 days next weekend and we really need you to like that bottle!!

Clothes:  You still fit in most of your 3-6 month clothes but there are a few sleepers that are snug in length.  I see you staying in this size over the next month and I'm in no hurry to move you to 6-9 month clothes yet!

Health:  You've had a few sniffles here and there thanks to having an older brother but nothing too serious.  You did have a fever after your four month shots which is the first fever I've had with either babies in 21 months!  It was only 100.3 but man were you uncomfortable and cranky.  It was so sad seeing you like that.

Mood:  You are the happiest baby in the world! You smile all the time and are so laid back.  You are a typical second child and just completely go with the flow.   We can already see your personality coming through and you're definitely going to be more sensitive than your brother.  You get your feelings hurt easily and would prefer to be held and snuggled all day long.   You rarely ever cry but when you do you're usually pretty angry and frustrated.

Sleep:  You had a pretty bad four month sleep regression which we never really experienced with your brother because he was a horrible sleeper from the beginning.  Thankfully we are through it and we all survived.   You go down between 6:30-7pm, wake up at 10:30pm to eat and then again at 4:00am to eat.  You are usually up for the day around 6:30am.   You take about 3 naps a day but the time varies depending on what we have going on that day.  I try to make sure you have at least one of your naps in your crib or swing at home since sometimes your other ones are bound to be in the car. 

Milestones:  You love your hands and found your feet this month. You love to have one of them in your mouth at all times if you don't have a pacifier or Sophie.    You can roll from stomach to back and back to stomach but you don't do it continually yet.   You sit up really well in your bumbo seat and love, love, love the exersaucer.  You bounce in that thing non stop. 
You babble and scream all the time.  You giggle at everything.  I always felt like it was hard to make your brother laugh but you smile and laugh at everybody.  

Here are our baby gear favorites this month:

Matthew's Five Month Favorites

Bumbo seat-  You love this thing so that you can join us in all the action. We keep this on the kitchen table (I know soooo wrong) but you love to sit up here and watch your brother eat all his meals.  Don't worry mommy sits right next to you to monitor and avoid any falls. 

Sophie the giraffe- You LOVE this overpriced dog toy!! Miller was so-so with it but you love to have Sophie with you to chew on at all times.  

Baby bjorn carrier- Since you love to be carried and your brother is always running wild you spend a lot of time in this carrier strapped to me, but you love it.  Your brother was not a fan of being carried like this but you would stay in it all day long if I let you.  I still don't love the Baby Bjorn but haven't purchased a Ergo carrier yet because I'm hoping to find one second hand if possible. 

Avent Classic bottles- You babies always keep us guessing and you decided that you like the Avent Classic bottles much more than the Dr. Brown's ones your brother loved.  So that is what we're using these days, of course at this moment you don't seem to like bottles at all so we'll see!  My favorite part about these is so many less parts to clean so I hope you continue to like them. 

Bob Duallie stroller- You love going for walks and runs in this stroller with me and Miller.  You are usually asleep about 10 minutes into our walk and if you're awake you love for me to sit you up so you can see all the sites.  

Wubbanub pacifier-  You are still loving your wubbanub and thanks to the little stuffed animal you can usually pop that thing back into your mouth in the car or crib which saves me a lot of hassle and crying.  Whoever invented this is genius. 

Hanna Andersson Sleepers- We love these sleepers!  Since you and your brother are both long and lean I've found these to be my favorite sleepers since they don't have feet and fit snuggly.   The zipper also makes late night diaper changes so easy. 

Fisher Price Playmat- You love this playmat and could play on it all day.  I love watching you play with all the toys and ohhh and ahhh with the lights and music are playing.  I also love to watch you slam your legs around and giggle at yourself.  It's the cutest.  

Evenflo Exersaucer-  We brought out the exersaucer this month and you love it too.  You love to bounce but I think what you love most is that your big brother usually plays with it too while you're in it and you just babbble and smile at him the whole time.  It's the best to watch you two together.  

I can't believe how fast these five months have gone by Matthew and it feels like you've been a part of our family a lot longer than five months. We really can't remember a time before you.   We can't wait to see what the next month holds for and we can't wait to see what you learn next.

Random Thoughts for Thursday

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Thoughts for Thursday
Here are some things I'm loving this week: 

-The Royals-  I am OBSESSED!  Anyone else?  I still have one episode to watch to get caught up but I think it might be my new favorite.  I could go on and on about the characters.  I love to hate Elizabeth Hurley's queen.  The girl they cast as her daughter could seriously be here 20 years ago. 

 Pioneer Woman's French Toast Casserole-  We made this for brunch on Easter morning and it is too good.  Seriously it tasted like dessert, almost like a bread pudding.
 Her photo not mine, I dont take pretty food photos

 Kiehls Original Musk Body Lotion-  I'm always on the hunt for lotion that will hydrate my skin but smells good without being too overpowering.  This lotion fulfills all the requirements.  I've always been a Kiehls fan and can't believe it took me so long to find this lotion.

 Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site- if you're looking for a good book for little boys I highly suggest this one.  This is Miller's current favorite book and we read it at least ten times a day.

 Old Navy Active Ruched Tank- this is my favorite workout shirt right now.  It's perfect for hiding the post-baby tummy and thanks to the stretchy sides it could easily be worn during pregnancy.

- Easter m&ms- I can't stop eating all the candy!! Thankfully it's almost all gone in our house and then as someone pointed out on instagram we don't have another candy holiday until Halloween so phew.   Anyone else always feel like they overindulge on a holiday?

- Miller went down for a nap yesterday with no screaming!! That's the first time that has happened in five weeks.  I'm hoping we're turning a corner with this sleep thing.

- Did I mention I'm supposed to leave for my trip in 2 weeks and I'm seriously terrified to leave my babies?!  I know I will have fun but I can't imagine being without them for 3 days.  Please tell me I'm not alone or crazy. 

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Dress Me Up

One thing that is desperately missing from my wardrobe these days is cute dresses.   Since this is my first spring/summer not being pregnant since 2012 I've thrown away/donated/sold/given away all my old dresses so I'm on the hunt for some new ones.

Here are some that have caught my eye:

Love this dress and the fact that it's navy blue :)  This brand is one of my favorites from Nordstrom and at only $48 it's hard to pass up. 

I'm not usually a fan of the high-low trend but I really like this dress.  I don't know maybe the jersey knit just looks so comforable to me and I feel like I could run around with kids in it since it's not too short.  

I actually just ordered this dress yesterday through the Shopbop sale and I'm really hoping works out.  I think it will be perfect for Vegas in May and I love anything with a crisscross back.   Every other blogger in the world has probably told you but it's the Shopbop Friends and Family sale with the code Spring25 you can get 25% off!    Which brings this dress to $155- not cheap but I think I would get my money's worth! 

The name of this dress says it all!  I know I said I'm not a high low fan but I couldn't resist this one either.  I think this one would be easy (haha) to throw on this summer and just head out the door.  It also comes in a fun pink and blue but I'm partial to the black. 

Love this dress and with a price tag of $34 it's hard to pass up. Plus Old Navy has 30% off today with no code needed so the dress comes to $24!! Kind of hard to pass over that price.  It also comes in solid black and navy blue.  

You can't beat these ON jersey tank dresses.  I used to be really lucky in my old job that I could pull these off with cute sandals and a sweater or blazer.  They were perfect to throw on in the summer heat when I was running around setting up events.   With the 30% off you can snag it for $17. 

Do wear dresses in the spring and summer?  Are you a fan of the knit, casual, easy dresses like me?

Our Easter 2015

Our first misson of Easter week was to see the Easter bunny! Of course I was excited and had matching outfits for the boys.  Miller was also very excited until it was time to actually sit on his lap and then it was all down hill.   Matthew was cool as a cucumber as usual.

My dad was nice enough to join me on the trip to the mall since it's right by their house and I didn't think I could wrangle both boys at once. 

 Miller loves spending time with his Grandpa Chuck so it's always fun to have my dad tag along with us. 

My mom hosted my extended family on Saturday night for dinner since my cousins were in town.  It was great to see everyone and catch up since we don't see each other as often as we used to. 

I wore the J.Crew Factory flutter sleeve top and the linen mini in the navy stripe which I posted about last week and I can't say enough good things about both!   I would say the mini skirt is true to size but I ended up sizing up in the flutter sleeve top.  I know that sounds weird since J.Crew factory is usually big but I found the size 6 a little too short on me length wise since I have a long torso.  So I opted for the 8 and felt it flattered me better overall.   One of my biggest pet peeves is a too short shirt on me because I hate to reach up or pick up a kid and have my stomach stick out so I would rather size up than risk that!

 The Easter bunny stopped by our house and brought some goodies for the boys.  

Sunday morning we hosted a brunch at our house for my parents and my sister and brother in law.  I don't have many pictures because we kept it really low key and just ate and had a little egg hunt for Miller. Which he loved. 

I have no idea what my hair color is doing in this picture but it's really not that bad and reverse ombre looking in real life but it does need a blonde highlight.  

Precious happy boy

 Finding eggs is so much fun 

Eating m&ms out of them is even better...

My mom and Matthew 

I don't talk about religion often on here but instead of giving up something for lent this year Kyle and I decided to try to attend church every Sunday through lent. We weren't perfect but I think we did a really great job with two babies and we're going to keep up with it because it's been a great Sunday morning routine for us.  Hope you all had a happy Easter too!
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