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I've been eying this blouse for awhile now. Since I'm tall I'm always on the hunt for tops that are long enough to wear with leggings or skinny jeans and this looks perfect.  Now I just need it to go on sale!

Love the stripe detail with the elbow patches. I'm loving elbow patches this season.

How fabulous are these booties? I think these would be great paired with a dress or skinny jeans.

I don't need another bag but I stumbled upon this while browsing the Banana Republic website and fell in love. It looks like a great size and love that it can be carried on your arm or cross body.  Plus BR always has the best leather purses on my experience that will last forever.

I still haven't tried the Loft Lou and Grey line yet but I've been hearing great things about it! I used to buy most of my work clothes from Loft so I'm happy to see them venturing into the casual clothes arena. This sweater looks comfy and perfect to pair with leggings. Has anyone tried Lou & Grey?

On the hunt  for a new watch and I love the double wrap leather band on this one.

I love champagne and drink it all the time during the week as my drink- no special occasions needed! (when not knocked up) I've  been looking for stemless champagne glasses when I came across these on the Anthropologie website.  Adding them to my Christmas list- aren't they fun?

I'm pretty sure everyone knows  about the infamous Maya Brenner initial necklaces. Well  I just found out they can do multiple letters and now I think I need one with all  my boys initials on it.

What are you loving these days?

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Christmas Jammies for the Kiddos

Too early?  I hope not!

I know we haven't even had Halloween yet but I've discovered that when it comes to holiday pajamas for kids it's important to shop ahead because they sell out fast.  Don't tell my husband but I've already purchased Miller and his little brother 3 pairs of Christmas jammies!  I didn't really plan too but just saw some cute pairs and couldn't resist. Plus they had to be matching so I had to jump on them before they sold out ;)

I've rounded up some of my favorites for the boys and the girls: 

Christmas pajamas for the boys

1. Carter's Santa's Helper two piece //2. Carter's Santa's Helper one piece //3.Carter's Reindeer //4. Target Reindeer Stripe //5. Hanna Andersson Tree Time //6. Target Santa //7. Hanna Andersson Gnome on the Go //8. Hanna Andersson St. Nick //9. Gap  Ho, Ho, Ho Holiday //10. Carter's Holiday Print

Christmas pajamas for the girls

If you're looking to go with the monogram option I also love these pairs:

So tell  me have you purchased Christmas pajamas for your little one yet?? Am I the only crazy one?

Friday Five

TGIF!!  Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? We were supposed to go get pumpkins last weekend but we got rained out so our plan is to go this weekend. It looks like the weather should work out for us so I'm excited. I'm also hoping to catch up on some sleep because someone (who gets a new tooth every other freaking week) did not do much sleeping this week which means neither did I.  

Linking up to share five things on this Friday!

1. Fall Candle

I picked up this candle at Homegoods last week and love it! It smells wonderful and fills the house but isn't too overwhelming.  It's the perfect fall scent.  

I ordered this shirt last week when J.Crew was having their 50% off with free shipping birthday sale so I got it for $37.50 down from $75!  I'm planning to wear it for Thanksgiving and other various events I have post baby that require me to be dressed up. It arrived yesterday and I love it!  (I even tried to see if I could squeeze into it now and that's a NO)

3. DIY Burlap Wreath

 A few of you requested pictures of my DIY burlap wreath and here it is!  It isn't perfect and I just realized the right side could use some fluffing but it works for me.  I wanted to keep the decor simple so I could easily switch it out for Christmas and other times of the year.  If you're looking to make one I used this tutorial here 

4. Baby Name
So we are finally 98% sure about baby boy's name and it's a completely new one that we haven't even considered once these past 9 months.   It is one we considered for Miller but eventually changed our mines on.  It's a family name too which I didn't think we were going to do. Kyle's the one who suggested it and it really feels right, now we both just have to decide if it's "the one".

5. New Handbag

I finally picked my new handbag! Here she is: 

I ended up going with the Gigi New York Teddie Tote in Stone and I love it!  It's nice and roomy so I will be able to fit a lot.  I was about to go with the Cuyana tote thanks to Ally but I realized that I really needed a lined bag with pockets right now since I'm toting around baby stuff so I had to be realistic.  It's still on my wishlist for the future though :).  I was able to get it during the Gigi New York friends and family sale last week for 25% off! If you missed it they carry it at Saks and they are currently having their Friends and family sale with the code FRNFAM. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Ultimate Baby Registry Breakdown: Feeding and Nursing Essentials

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Thoughts for Thursday

 I'm back today with my next installment of must have baby registry items and this time we are focusing on nursing and feeding favorites. Just like my previous post on baby gear (click here for post) I've included my favorites and then I've included what I'm looking to purchase for baby #2.

Baby Registry: Feeding and Nursing

1. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottles- LOVED these bottles! I tried quite a few bottles for Miller including Playtex drop ins, Avent, and Avent naturals and these were the only ones he would take.  I introduced bottles when he was 2 weeks old (I have no regrets and had no problems with breastfeeding introducing them so soon) and by 4 weeks these were the only ones he would take. I found the made they transition from breast to bottle easier and we had no tummy troubles with them. They have a ton of parts and are annoying to clean but worth it to me.  I plan to use these again for baby #2.

2. Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump- This was the breast pump I received free from my insurance company and I thought it was great. It is bulky and you do have to sit with it plugged into a wall so it may not be the best option for working moms if you want something more discreet.  It's not one of the most popular brands but it served me well pumping 1-2 times a day for 7 months.  As long as it still works and doesn't break I'll be using this for baby #2.

3. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags- I read a ton of information regarding storing/freezing breast milk and these always came back as the best option and I have to agree!  I used these exclusively for freezing breast milk and never had a problem with any leaks. I loved that they laid flat so I could store a lot without taking up too much room in our freezer.  I would just use the bottles that went with my pump to store breast milk in the fridge that I was going to use within a few days. 

4. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover-I have this nursing cover and love it! I don't know about most people but I preferred to be covered up when I was nursing and loved these covers. I would keep it in my diaper bag so I would have it when we were out and about. 

5. Gilligan & O'Malley Nursing Tops and Bras- Can't say enough good things about these nursing tops, their bras, and the sleep bras! First of all they're not too expensive and secondly they are so comfortable. Comfort is key when you postpartum, sleep deprived, and trying to get a hang of nursing.  I suggest having 2 or 3 of these along with 2 or 3 sleep and regular bras. 
6. Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush- I found that I hand cleaned most bottles and breast pump parts rather than using the dishwasher.  I tried a few brands of bottle brush and always came back to this one.  I buy a new one every 2-3 months and I still use it to clean Miller's sippy cups. 

7. Munchkin Formula Dispenser- Once I was weaning Miller and switching him to formula I realized that I needed to have formula on hand with me all the time.  These formula dispensers made it so easy to just scoop the desired amount I needed for the day and pop it into my diaper bag. I would just fill the bottles with water before we left so I was ready when needed.

8. Babyganics Bottle and Dish Soap- Since I hand cleaned all of Miller's bottles and my breast pump parts I wanted a dish soap that was baby safe and gentle.  I loved the Babyganics foaming dish soap! I now just use method soap for Miller's sippy cups but will probably start using this again for baby #2's bottles.

9. Munchkin Infant Bowls and Spoons- I started using these bowls and spoons when Miller started eating rice cereal around 5 months old and they were perfect.  I loved the size of both and the fun colors they come in.  They are also easy to throw into the dishwasher. I still use them for snacks and oatmeal for Miller even though he feeds himself now. 

10. NUK Orthodontic Pacifiers- I didn't really know where to throw these in but if you've seen any pictures of Miller lately you know he loves his pacifiers!!  I actually tried to introduce them to him for months (we tried every brand including this one) but he didn't end up taking one until about 7 months old. I actually stopped offering the pacifier around 5 months but a friend suggested giving him a few to chew on when he was teething around the 7 month mark so I did and he initially chewed on it and then started sucking on  it and the rest was history.  I know people have a lot of opinions on pacifiers but they ended up being a lifesaver for us and Miller didn't start sleeping through the night until he took one!!  I may regret this in a few months when  I try to take them away but for the time being I'm a huge pacifier fan.  I'm still not sure what  I will do with  baby #2 and pacifiers!

11. Cuisinart Mini Food Processor- When Miller first started eating baby food I decided that I wanted to make my own and quickly learned (thanks Pinterest!) that I didn't need a fancy baby food machine and that my mini food processor would work fine.  I've had this food processor for years and found it was perfect for making small batches of baby food.  My baby food making days were short lived..  Miller was just never a fan of being fed and hated purees so we ended up going with a self  feeding/baby led weaning feeding technique by the time he was 8 months old. So I'm glad I never spent any money on a fancy baby food machine.  I have no idea how baby #2 will be but I plan to make my own baby food again if he'll let me.

12. Sage Spoonfuls Glass Food Storage- For the short time that I did make baby food I stored it in these great baby food storage containers. I really wanted glass containers and I liked that these were sturdy and could be frozen. I never had a problem with freezer burn and had no problem thawing them out as needed. I also liked that you could easily stack them in the freezer and not take up too much space.

13. Earth's Best Organic Baby Food Pouches- Miller was never a fan of being fed by anyone and did not like purees as a baby but as he got older he loved these pouches!  He can feed these to himself and he's getting the fruit and veggies that he needs in his diet. These were helpful when he first stopped letting me feed him purees but still didn't have enough teeth to chew a lot of fruits.  He now eats regular fruit and veggies but since we are working on him gaining weight before his 18 month appointment I've found these pouches to be a good healthy snack to help beef him up!

So there you have my list of must haves!  There are only a few things under the feeding/nursing category that we are looking into getting for baby #2 and I would love any opinions on these items if you've used them or tried them!

Feeding and Nursing Wants

1. Baby Brezza Formula Maker- So I thought this "Keurig of formula" was a little excessive until I started mixing my own bottles and saw how time consuming it could be. One of my girlfriends has one and absolutely swears by it! She loves it and has been using it since her son was four months old and only has good things to say about it.  I plan to breastfeed this baby but know that I will probably have to introduce formula at some point before he's 1 like I did with Miller and this just looks like it would make my life a whole lot easier.  It doesn't have the best reviews on Amazon so I would love to hear from anyone who tried it.

2. Dr. Brown's Electric Steam Sterilizer- As I mentioned I hand cleaned most of Miller's bottle and my breast pump parts but I'm afraid with a toddler running around I won't have time to be standing at the sink all day cleaning. I thought this steamer might come in handy and make cleaning those Dr. Brown's Bottles easier. Has anyone used this? Does it work?

3. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow- I  had a boppy pillow for Miller but it just never worked for us. I used it for the first week we nursed and then I just switched to regular pillows and eventually no pillow.  The boppy was just always awkward and didn't sit right. So many people have told me that they loved the Brest Friend pillow so I'm considering getting one.  Has anyone tried it- love or hate it?  I'm going to give the boppy another try and if it doesn't work I'm going to look into this.

So there you have it!  Sorry for another long and wordy post but I love hearing/reading what works for other moms/bloggers so I had to share my opinions on these products we've loved.  If you use anything to make feeding an infant easier that I haven't mentioned please let me know- I'm always looking for new options.

Now it's your turn!

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Thoughts for Thursday

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Plaid, Pumpkin, and a Planner

Happy Tuesday! I'm already running a day behind this week.  The pregnancy exhaustion is officially setting  in.  Just going up and down the stairs is exhausting these days.  Top that off with chasing and carrying a 15 month old and I'm out of energy by noon.  Ok rant over.

Moving on...

This scarf is awesome. I was looking for a cute plaid/tartan one and I found this and ordered it right after my  no spend September was over.  It is a gigantic blanket scarf but it's perfect for fall and will be warm through the winter.

I also really like it in the gray and black plaid.


I am a huge fan of the Starbucks  pumpkin bread but really don't need to be spending $4.00 on a slice every week.  So I finally turned to my favorite Pinterest for a copycat recipe and found the perfect one!  I made it for my parents and some friends who just had a baby and everyone keeps telling me how good it is.

1 1/2 Cups All Purpose Flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/3 cup butter (melted)
1 can of solid pack pumpkin (approx. 15 oz.)
2 large eggs
  1 1/2 cups sugar **
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla

Heat oven to 350 and grease 9x5 bread pan.  Combine dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside.  Mix egg, pumpkin, butter and sugar at medium speed. Add vanilla.  Add dry ingredients to mix and combine well.  
Cook for 35-55 minutes depending on oven.  Mine took about 55 minutes.

**her recipe called for upping the sugar to 2 cups but I thought that would be way too much so I went with 1 1/2 cups and I think it's perfect.


I have been using the Lilly Pulitzer Planner for years. I've tried a few other brands but keep coming back to this one.  I figured I would do a quick review with some pictures because if  there is one thing that is frustrating about online planner shopping is that you can't see what the inside looks like. 

I thought about getting the Whitney English Day Designer but my sister got one and it's just way to bulky for my needs. It really covers everything but it's so big it would take up too much room in my bag. 

Print: Trippin and Sippin
 The one nice perk of the LP planners is that they come in three sizes: Small,  Large, and Jumbo. I would say large is the best size. It's big enough that you have space to write but not too big that you couldn't carry it in a purse or work bag.  I had the jumbo last year and that's more of a desk planner. It was too big to carry around with me. 

The first few pages are a folder and some fun stickers: 

 Then you  have the Lilly Pulitzer Story

Then an overview of the next two years: 2015 and 2016
Then you have a calendar view for each of the months from August 2014-December 2015

Then Dates to Celebrate and Reasons to Party (all the national holidays):

Then you have horoscopes which are mostly cheesy but it's a cute touch:

Next you have about 15 pages of blank notes:

Then you get the month and week breakdown.  Each month has an introduction page followed by the month at a glance, followed by the weekly views. The weeks are broken down from Monday-Sunday. I find that I have plenty of space to put my appointments on the calendar and add to-do lists for each day if they're not too long. 

So do you have a good plaid fall scarf, a good pumpkin recipe or any thoughts on the best planner?

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Saturday Shopping: Cross Body Handbags

Happy Saturday! Did you know yesterday was apparently National Handbag day?! I guess they really have a day for everything now.  Lately I've been really drawn to cross body handbags.  Even though they can be small I love the ease of being hands free while out shopping or running errands.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Saturday Shopping: Cross Body Handbags

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle// 2. Gigi New York Madison Cross body // 3. Old Navy Bucket Bag// 4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel// 5. Rebecca Minkoff Mac Cross body// 6. Tory Burch Fleming Cross body// 7. Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Harris// 8. ASOS Quilted Cross body// 9. Zara Gussetted Shopper

Do you like a small cross body bags or do you prefer big totes that can fit everything but the kitchen sink?

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Friday Five: What I've been Pinning Lately

TGIF!! I feel like the weeks are just flying by lately. I can't believe it's Friday again.  I have a feeling it's going to be like this until I have this baby boy since my to-do list just keeps growing.

Since I've had the nesting bug so bad I've been pinning like crazy!  If you don't follow me yet on Pinterest you can follow here. Here are some things on my mind lately:

1. DIY Burlap Wreath
I actually made this last night and it's much easier than I expected it to be! There was definitely a small learning curve but once I got the hang of it I went fast. The wreath only took about 30 minutes to make now I just need to add some fall embellishments.

2. Asparagus Spinach-Pesto Pasta with Blackened Shrimp-
I've been on a huge pesto kick and a huge shrimp kick so I was looking for a way to combine the two and this sounds so delicious. I might have to give it a try this weekend.

3. This room
I am loving this neutral space. It just feels so clean and light to me. I think all the baby gear and baby toys are making me crave clean white spaces

4. Nursery Bookshelves

I'm working on doing these picture frame ledges for the new nursery and here are just a few of my inspiration pictures.  I love the look of this and have a perfect spot. Plus I think it will be good for entertaining Miller when we're hanging out in there with baby boy #2

5. This Outfit
How much do you love this outfit? It's simple, chic, and perfect for fall.  

What have you been pinning lately?

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