04 February 2016

Thoughts for Thursday: Naptime Confessions

It's been awhile since I've done one of these.  Probably because Miller rarely naps these days (that's a whole other post) so my free time is severely lacking!

- I have failed on pretty much all my new years resolutions.

- My laundry is never ending these days.  I feel like right when I think I'm getting to the bottom of my pile two new piles pop up.  How do four people have so much laundry??

- I have been failing on cooking dinner lately.  Kyle was gone every single week almost M-F in January so I got used to just eating what the kids wouldn't eat or a bowl of cereal.  Now that he's home this week he's been whining to me about why I never cook.   Anyone have quick, easy healthy meals?!

- We booked a trip to Rosemary Beach in May in for my mom's 60th birthday! It will be my family, my sister's family and my parents.  I'm so excited!  Has anyone been?  Have any good recommendations for us?

- It's been so warm this week and the snow is finally melting so we've been able to get outside and burn some energy.

- We leave for Cancun in 12 days!! I am so excited!  I am hoping to get everyone packed and ready this weekend so that I'm not scrambling around at the last minute.  I promise I will overshare on instagram and snapchat (eastcoastnat on both)

- I just picked up this Aveeno Naturals Ultra Calming facewash because my skin has been so dry and red lately.  Has anyone ever used this?

- Has anyone read any good books lately?  I've been seriously slacking on reading but I haven't been able to find anything good!  Would love to hear your suggetions!

- My kids have been so picky with eating lately!! I swear they live on wheat crackers, waffles, and fruit pouches.  It's been so frustrating lately but no one wants to eat anything!  

- We started watching the OJ Simpson show last night and I'm super intrigued.  We will definitely keep up with it.  Also David Schwimmer playing Rob Kardashian is classic.

What's on your mind these days?  

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Thoughts for Thursday

03 February 2016

Current Obsessions

Happy Hump Day Friends! The temperatures have been so mild here lately that I just can't get spring and summer off my mind.  We also leave for Cancun in two weeks so that might be part of the problem ;)  It's also right about this time of year that the spring lines start coming into the stores and I'm so over winter!

All that said here are some things I'm obsessing over this week:

How cute is this cover up?!  I love the style and love that it's black.  I think this one is definitely going in my cart later today. 

I've been drooling over this Joie dress for a few weeks now.  I love the subtle geometric print and fringe at the bottom.  I also don't know what I've ever owned a white dress because of the stains my kids could get on it but this just looks like it's screaming for a beach trip.  

So J.Crew has sunglasses now!  They just debut some different styles a few weeks ago and I'm loving this Sam one above and the Betty style.   I love the classic feel of them and they appear to be good quality.  I haven't seen them in person yet but once I do I will let you know. 

How fun is this rainbow clutch?!  I just love the colors and think it would be so much fun for a spring or summer night out.  Maybe paired with the Joie Rainey Dress above?!  

I see this sweater paired with white shorts in the spring- anyone else?  I love the colors and think the sailboat print is perfect.  

ON has had such good stuff lately and this dress is no exception!  I love the print and love how they paired it with ankle booties.  

Everyone has been raving about these booties on blogs and instagram so I had to see what the hype was all about.   I have a pair coming my way so I will let you all know what I think once they arrive! 

Love the print on this J.Crew dress and was thinking it would be good for Easter.  It will probably still be cold here but I might be able to pair it with thighs and booties.   

As you know I love all things striped!  This simple dress would be great for summer and the tie front detail gives it a nice feminine touch.  

This peplum top!!!! Ahhh I love it!! I think it would be great with white jeans in the spring and navy or white shorts this summer.  

I saw this lamp while browsing One Kings Lane and I need it in my house!! I don't really have a spot for it right now but possibly our family room, but then again I'm not sure I trust my kids with nice lamps. 

I also stumbled upon this bench and I'm trying to convince Kyle it would be good in our bedroom or living room.  I love the natural wood with the zebra print!

Again more stripes but how cute are these cereal bowls?!  We've needed new dishes forever and I might pick these up for a fun little addition to our kitchen! 

What are you obsessing over these days?  Are you over winter?  Ready for summer?  

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01 February 2016

Valentine's Day Books for Kids

Happy February Friends!  Even though this tends to be a cold depressing month here in Maryland I kind of like it because it's my birthday month! Miller is also very excited for Valentine's day this year so it's making me excited for the little Hallmark holiday too.

Since it's a small holiday I don't really go overboard on decorations or presents for kids but I do think it's fun to have a few books around celebrating the month of love.  I've rounded up some of my favorite Valentine's Day and/or love books for little kids.  We have quite a few of these and my boys love them.

Valentine's Day for the Kids

Since Miller is obsessed with dinosaurs right now we'll be getting How do Dinosaurs say I love you? and I love you Snuggleasaurus! For Matthew I will be getting Peek a Boo I love you and Where is Baby's Valentine because he loves pop up books so much.  We already have the Llama Llama one,  Happy Valentine's Day Curious George and Hugs and Kisses and my boys love them.  

Have you bought Valentine's Day books for your kids?  Are there any I'm missing?

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29 January 2016

Five on Friday

TGIF Friends! It's been awhile since I did a Five on Friday so I thought I would join in today.

1.  This Video

First of all I love the song Africa by Toto.  My best friend and I from college would get drunk and blast it in our dorm room sophmore year ;)  It was one of our go to karaoke songs and we played it at both of our weddings!  Secondly I just want to be couple friends with Kristen and Dax, I mean my boys are close to their girls ages so we could totally do a drinking playdate ;)

2. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-1 Skin Perfector 

I picked up this BB cream this week after reading a ton of good reviews about it.  It came up as one of those drug store products that professional makeup artists recommend so I had to give it a try.  I was looking for something to even my skin tone for everyday wear when I feel like foundation is too much.  I also needed something light and creamy since my skin is so dry.  I've only been using this for a 5 days but so far I love it!  Goes on really easily, evens my skin tone out and does not dry my face or look flaky.  It's a win so far but I will keep you posted longer I use it.

3. New Watch

Since it's my birthday next month I'm thinking of treating myself to a new watch.   I've had my eye on the few I posted above but I can't decide.  I love the black faces but I'm afraid I will be over them in the spring.  Does anyone have a watch they absolutely love that they would recommend?!

4.  Chocolate Chip Cookies with Whole Wheat Flour and Olive Oil 

Miller really wanted to make cookies the other day but we were all out of butter so I went searching on Pinterest for a recipe that used oil instead and was maybe a little healthier.  I stumbled upon this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen and it was perfect.  The recipe uses brown sugar and molasses to sweeten it, in addition to the olive oil instead of butter and whole wheat flour.   Olive oil tends to be a no-no in baking because it has such a strong flavor but using only two tablespoons you couldn't taste it at all.  Miller loved them and so did I, Kyle thought they tasted weird and not like a real cookie but I thought they were great for a "healthy cookie"  

5. This Quote

#truth #momlife 

Happy Friday Friends!

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28 January 2016

Thoughts for Thursday: Valentine's Day Kids Wear

Welcome back to another Thoughts for Thursday!  We thank each and everyone of you for linking up with us each week.   If you're new here, it's easy to join!  Just write about what is on your mind and link up below.

I've got all things Valentine's Day on the brain!  Miller has become obsessed with holidays lately and is always so excited when one is near.  I was never a huge holiday person but since having kids I love dressing them in holiday themed clothes.  It's become a bit of an obsession ;)   I've rounded up some of my favorite Valentine's day outfits for the kids.  Not going to lie the selection for little boys is limited but I think I found some cute stuff that works.   The little girls stuff is adorable though!

Valentine's Day Wear for the Kids

Happy Shopping!

Do your kids get into holidays?  Do you dress them in holiday themed clothes?  

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25 January 2016

Snowed In: 2016

Happy Monday Friends! How was everyone's weekend?  If you follow me on instagram or snapchat (eastcoastnat) you know we were hit with the big snowstorm of 2016.  We had a record 29.2 inches in one storm which is crazy!

The Governor of Maryland issued a state of emergency on Friday at noon and wanted everyone off the roads by rush hour.  I thought that was a little excessive but once the snow started at 1pm on Friday I could see why.  We spent the whole weekend snowed in but it was nice to have an excuse to stay home with no where to go.  Miller loved everything about the snow and asked to play in it all day.  Poor Matthew was sick all weekend so he hasn't had a chance to play in the snow yet.  Hoping we can get him out for a little bit today.

I was a little nervous about being stuck inside with two toddlers but it actually wasn't that bad and playing in the snow exhausted Miller so he took great naps and slept well at night.  A win win for us.

First snow is our new house

So excited to go play in the snow!

We took him out Saturday during the blizzard so we could start shoveling and he loved every minute of it.  We had to drag him in despite it being freezing.

Poor little Matthew had to stay inside and play all weekend.  It was actually a good weekend for him to be sick since we didn't have any plans anyway.

I don't think we'll be using our front door until April :(  We had no where else to put the snow from the driveway so we had to block the front walkway.

As much as I hate snow and being cold I was got out there to shovel since I figured I would be burning lots of calories and ease the guilt for all the food and alcohol I consumed ;)

On Sunday the conditions were much more bearable so we were able to finish shoveling and our little helper was out there in full force.

In case you missed this video, I can't help but share because his personality and the things he says are so hysterical these days.  We have no idea where he get half this stuff!


How was your weekend?  Were you snowed in?  Did you enjoy it?

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23 January 2016

Saturday Shopping: The Momiform

Happy Saturday Friends!  If you're on the east coast and snowed in like myself I hope you're staying warm and toasty.  We have about 14 inches of snow right now and we're predicted to get more than 2ft! The kids are loving it but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be ready to break out of here by tomorrow night.

I have a few standard "momiforms"  that I rotate through every week.  I know a lot of you can relate to this and I pick these outfits based on my days schedule ;)  If I'm not in my active wear which I included at the bottom then  you can usually find me in a tunic sweater and leggings or jeans and a button down.  As much as I would love to get dressed up everyday these outfits are just more practical for my everyday life

Momiform 1

Momiform 2

Momiform 3

Do you have a momiform or an outfit that you wear most days?  

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