Thoughts for Thursday: 30 Day Closet Remix Challenge

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Thoughts for Thursday

Since I have less than 10 weeks left in this pregnancy I really want to avoid buying anymore maternity/bump friendly clothes.  With the clothes I've purchased to get through the summer and the cooler weather options I have left from my pregnancy with Miller I've decided to give myself a 30 day closet remix challenge. I first did one of these back in January when one of my favorite fashion instagrammers mrsstrock did one. You can see my post about it here.  The idea is that you "shop" your own closet for 30 days.  The goal is to not bring anything new into my wardrobe and to only work with items I currently own. This includes accessories like jewelry, scarfs, handbags, and shoes too.

I'm going to start on September 1 and end on September 30th.   In order to hold myself accountable I'm going to be documenting my outfits on Instagram and post weekly here on the blog.  I can't guarantee that I will document all 30 days since it isn't always glamorous around here but I will try.  If anyone is interested in joining in the fun my instagram is @eastcoastnat and I'm using the hashtag #ecn30dayclosetremix 

With a limited maternity selection this could get interesting but I keep reminding myself that I don't want to spend any more money on maternity clothes so I can spend on fun winter clothes once I have this baby! 

In other news I have some fun posts in the works for next week thanks  to all your great suggestions!

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Bump Update: 30 Weeks and Thank You

Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday I'm still emailing everyone back but you all gave me some great ideas and helped me feel motivated again!

How far along? 30 weeks 

Baby Size: According to the what to expect app the baby is 17 in, 3.1lbs and the size of a butternut squash
Total weight gain/loss: 24lbs- y'all I seriously thought I was going to do better this time around. While I haven't been perfect I've been so much better than last time and I'm moving so much more. Apparently my body just likes to gain weight while I'm pregnant. The good news is that it's 5lbs less than I had gained at this point with Miller.

Maternity clothes? A big mix.  Most of my dresses and tops are not maternity but I am in maternity shorts. I have been lucky this go round since I'm not working that I can pull off a lot more non-maternity stuff that works at the park or pool with kids but wouldn't in the office.

Sleep: I'm just reaching the my-belly-is-getting-big-and-uncomfortable sleeping stage. Rolling over takes a lot more effort and I have to sleep with a pillow under my belly.  I never bought a pregnancy pillow the first time around and now that I only have 10 weeks less I don't think I'm going to splurge on one, unless they really are that life changing!  
I'm also back to getting up to use the bathroom sometime between 2-4am

Miss Anything?  Alcohol and sushi (the raw stuff not the rolls) 

Movement: Yes-this little guy moves non-stop!! 

Food cravings:  ICE!!! I cannot get enough ice.  Everyone keeps telling me it's my iron levels but I just had them checked and they were fine. My docs think it was something to do with me trying to stay hydrated. I am a huge water drinker in general but have a really hard time drinking it while pregnant so this might be my body's way of getting water.   I also need to have a little bit of chocolate everyday.   

Food aversions: Nope- a nice change from last time. 

Huge belly, insomnia, sore hips, hard time sleeping 

Gender: Boy!

Happy or Moody:  Happy most of the time but I have been a little moody lately.  My husband said he'll be happy when my emotions are "back to normal" haha  

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery finalized and pulling out all the bins of Miller's baby stuff to sort through.  Can't believe I only have 10 weeks left!

Weekend Recap and a Reader Survey

 Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a good weekend.  Ours was nice and low key. 

Saturday Kyle went golfing early so Mills and I made a donut run. 

I haven't been to Donut Shack (a local donut shop) in years because I'm lazy and always go to the Dunkin Donuts right by our house. Omg I don't know what I've been doing because these donuts are to die for! So, so good.  I think we're all officially converts.

Saturday started out gorgeous but quickly turned to a rainy yucky day.  It would have been a great day for cleaning but someone was on a nap strike all day so that didn't happen.  Let's just say no naps and rain make for a super long Saturday with a busy 1 yr old.

We headed out to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in Annapolis.  Our anniversary isn't until this Friday 8/29 but this was the only date we could get out.  For locals we went to Osteria 177.  We had never been there before but I would definitely go back.  It's Italian food and it was all so good.  We had homemade burrata mozzarella to start and I had penne alla vodka with fresh crab meat and Kyle had a veal Parmesan. We finished off the dinner with creme brulee and (decaf) cappuccino.  We don't go on many date nights anymore just the two of us so it was nice so sneak away for a bit.

We tried to snap a cute couple photo before we left but everyone wanted in on the picture :)
I have to say I love this group of people and my life more than I could have ever imagined 5 years ago.

On Sunday it was absolutely gorgeous so we couldn't stay inside.  We played tourist and walked the Naval Academy and had lunch downtown Annapolis. There were about 1000 other actual tourists down there but it wasn't as bad as we expected. I love when the weather cools and the tourists leave, that's when Annapolis is at its best.

Since September 1st is next week I'm holding onto summer just one more week with this super pink Sinful Colors polish, then I'll start breaking out my moody fall colors. It's called Pink Forever but I call it Barbie Pink.

Now I would love to hear from you all... lately I feel like I'm running out of blog ideas or I have a ton of ideas but don't feel inspired to sit down and actually write.  I would to hear from you all about what you like reading here or if there is anything you want more or less of. 
- baby, pregnancy, life recaps, fashion, around my house, budgeting, shopping, etc.  Feel free to be honest!
 Thanks again for always coming back here and being loyal readers!! 

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Thoughts for Thursday: Baby #2, The End of Summer, Toddler times, and other randoms

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Thoughts for Thursday

- This is the state of baby #2's nursery. As you can see we've done nothing and this room has been a bit of a catch all this past year.  The clean out starts this weekend.

 All my old clothes from either working or that don't fit anymore.

- I'm actually excited for Baby #2 to wear Miller's clothes because I had some outfits I really loved and hated putting away. I just hope I can pull it off with sizing since they're going to be born in totally different seasons.

- I have bought him a few new outfits though so it's not only hand-me downs.

 - I've changed my mind for the 10th time and I think I want this Jenny Lind crib for his nursery.  I was at first worried it might be too feminine but I've found some good inspiration photos on Pinterest.

- As much as I've been hating the heat (despite our quite mild August) I am sad to see summer go. I'm going to miss the pool the most.  It's been so much fun for Miller this summer and such a good way to get through our long days.

- I also know come December I'm going to be sorry I ever complained about the heat and wishing for warm days so I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can.

- We have a full blown toddler on our hands these days.  I'm so blown  away by how much he has grown up since his 1st birthday. I feel like I see less and less baby everyday :(

- We've also suddenly developed a very picky eater and he can love one thing one day and hate it the next and then love it again.  I'm assuming this just comes with the territory but man is it hard to figure out what he wants to eat!!  He also suddenly hates all fruit- I've been giving him the baby food fruit pouches so he at least gets some but anyone have any suggestions?

- We are going out this weekend to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!!  We haven't had a date night that doesn't involve a wedding sinc April so I'm super excited to go out and get dressed up.  Since I'm pregnant (and no fun) we decided to hold off on a big trip until  next year.  We're thinking the Caribbean- anyone have any resorts they love?  We've been to Aruba and St. Maarten, I'm thinking maybe St. Lucia or Barbados. I'm looking for relaxing, good food and drink, and no kids :)

- I could really use a glass of wine these days.  Phew this whole not drinking for what feels  like 2 years straight is getting hard haha.

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Handbag Love: The Tote

I know I've mentioned on here a hundred times or so that I'm getting a new handbag for the fall and I think I've finally narrowed it down to my top five choices. (I'm super indecisive and suck at making decisions) At first thinking about a crossbody but I think that a tote is more practical for me right now. Of course next week I could change my mind again ;)

Here are my choices:

I love the color of this in the pebble grain leather. I saw this bag in person and the quality and color are great. I also love that it's lined and has three interior pockets. The monogramming is also a plus.

I feel like I can't ever go wrong with a Kate Spade bag and I'm loving this green color- which would be a fun change from my normal neutral bags. I do worry that it might look too much like a work bag.

I've been eyeing this bag on so many people and I love the size of it. The snakeskin isn't necessary something I would choose all the time but I feel like this looks classic and neutral without looking cheap. Plus I love the size and the lined inside with 3 interior pockets. Again I love that you can monogram it.

I love, love, love this tote. It's so classic and chic and I love that you can get it monogrammed now. My only hesitation is the unlined inside and the lack of pockets. 

This one has been on my wishlist for a long time since it's the softest leather I've ever felt.  Again I hesitate with the unlined inside and lack of pockets.

Anyone own any of these bags?  Any advice on them? Which one is your favorite if you had to pick?

Introducing leo+lamb

I am so excited to tell you all about leo+lamb!  
leo+lamb is a new online stationary and invitation company where you can edit, download, and print the invitations instantly! No having to wait for someone to edit the design, email you a proof, and then wait for the final product.   You can choose from an array of designs including holiday cards, thank you cards, save the dates, instagram wedding signs, decor, tent cards, and more.

When Leigh the owner of the company contacted me to check out the site I was so intrigued. I don't know about you all but as a bit of an impatient control freak with no design skills I loved the idea of being able to pick a design, edit it myself, and then instantly download it to my computer to print.  The best part is that the printable designs range in price from $10-$18.  If you don't print them at home it should be relatively cheap to print at a local print shop or even your local Office Depot or Staples for around $0.40 an invitation.  Much cheaper than many online sites that can charge well over $1.00 per invitation! 
Don't worry if they don't have something you're looking for on their site they are more than happy to provide custom designs if you request! 

Here are some examples of what leo+lamb offer:


As a special thank you to celebrate their grand opening, leo+lamb is offering a free stationary download for this gorgeous floral stationary below. All you have to do is click the link below and customize your stationary.  The free offer is available August 19-31st so hurry and get yours before it's up!

Make sure to get your free download and check out the leo+lamb website. Also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So tell me do you like the idea of being able to instantly edit and download your own stationary and invitations?  Anyone else impatient like me and hating waiting for a proof?

Weekend Recap

**I'm running late this morning because I was busy shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale- have you or do you plan on shopping it? The prices cannot be beat!!  I picked up two Elsa tops for the price of one.  I think they'll be great for post-baby and next spring.  I held off buying anything else because I'm not sure what size I'll be after two babes in less than two years in dresses and shorts.  If I had a daughter I would be screwed!**

Did you all have a good weekend? Ours went by way too fast but was nice and low key.  Thanks for all your advice on the shoes and face wash/moisturizer.  I will keep you posted on what I decide to do.

We've been having the best weather here in the morning and evenings.  I decided to take advantage of the cool weather and break out some of my fall items. Wearing my maternity clothes isn't the most exciting but it's a nice change. 

Striped maternity shirt from H&M last year

I'm still obsessed with this snakeskin band Timex watch I've had for a few years. It's hard to keep the bump out of photos these days.

Kyle didn't get home from his business trip until 10pm on Friday night so I just caught up on bad reality tv and cleaning on Friday night. #soglamorous 

On Saturday we ventured over to Maryland's eastern shore to have lunch with two of my college roommates. It was great to see them but attempting to catch up with two babies in toe is tough.  We ended up in a horrible traffic jam due to an accident on the bay bridge on the way over so what should have been a 40 minute drive took 1.5 hours.   Then Miller had an epic screaming meltdown like I've never seen before. It took me a good 5 minutes to calm him down outside and I still don't know what caused it. I was about to strip him naked in the parking lot because I was convinced he was being stung by bees under his clothes that's how bad it was. 

Thankfully he recovered and we were able to return to lunch and catch a few pictures of the group. 
Happy boy post meltdown :) also baby Toms might be my favorite 

On Saturday night we stayed home and grilled out.  We are trying to take advantage of our deck and grill as much as we can before summer wraps up.  The weather was again cool and perfect so I threw on some leggings and a long sleeve tee after dinner to  stay warm.
Try not to be jealous of my lemonade ;) 

Sunday morning Miller was up at 4:30am!!!!! He was wide awake and nothing would get him back to sleep. These early mornings do not mesh well with my pregnancy insomnia that keeps me up until midnight.
Those are his toys in our bedroom, do you love the fancy box we keep them in? #reallife

Once he went down for his morning nap at 7:30am I headed out to Target and Wegmans to get some grocery shopping done.  Not before I stopped for a nice iced coffee (and possibly a donut). Grocery shopping alone is phenomenal and it felt great to have so much accomplished before 10am on a Sunday. 

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning, baking, and playing at the pool.  I made another homemade banana bread only this one was much better than last weeks.  Last week I went the Cooking Light route this week I went full fat banana bread. Breads and desserts are not made to be light.  The one from cooking light was super dry and this one is so moist and delicious. You can find the recipe here.

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