Thoughts for Thursday: 6 Week Baby Update

It has officially been 6 weeks and 2 days since Matthew was born.  I feel like we're finally emerging from the postpartum fog and feeling more and more human everyday.  I wanted to give a little update on Matthew and newborn life the second time around.

Matthew: 6 Weeks

Weight: 10lbs 9oz (75th percentile)
Length: 22.75 inches (90th percentile)
Head:  37.5 cm (25th percentile)
Stats as of 1 month appointment

So far he's a little bit bigger than Miller, not too much but you can see Miller's stats here.  The only place he's behind is head size!

Eating:  Matthew is still 100% breast milk and doing well. We've had some feeding issues because I have a huge oversupply and overactive let down so breastfeeding can get really stressful because he gets too much milk to fast. I realize having too much milk is a blessing not a curse but it's hard to watch your baby try to feed but end up choking, coughing, turning red, and getting upset. I'm working on some things to fix it like pumping, certain feeding holds, and at least 1-2 bottles a day that aren't stressful for him to help even things out. The doctor and lactation consultant both say he should be able to handle the oversupply as he gets older but if he doesn't and continues to choke we may move to exclusive pumping. 

Sleeping: Matthew has been a great sleeper so far. We've even had some 5 hour stretches out of him! His typical schedule at night is sleep 7-10pm, awake 10-12 or 10-1, and then down from 12-5 or 12-6am. The long stretch after midnight is such a blessing that I do not take it for granted. Trust me Miller was never this good at this age so maybe this will be my good sleeper.

Temperament: Matthew's personality is really starting to come out!  He's so different from Miller already it's crazy.  Even though I've done this parenting gig before it still feels completely new because Matthew is his own person with different needs and wants from Miller's.  Matthew loves to be held, a lot. Miller could easily be soothed by the swing or bouncer while Matthew prefers to be soothed by being held.  If he had his way I would hold him all day every day! Since I have a 17 month old that still needs a lot of attention I've been doing a lot of baby wearing these days which has made life easier. Matthew also loves some things Miller hated and hates some things Miller loved! These kids sure know how to keep us on our toes.

Here are some of our favorites this month:

One Month Favorites

 Baby Jogger 2014 City Select Stroller w/2nd Seat this stroller has been awesome and has been a total  life saver running errands and walking the mall. It took a little getting used to but now that I have the hang of it it's easy to maneuver.

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing - this is the only place Matthew will sleep other than on my chest! So we're going with it. He hates the Rock n Play which Miller loved- go figure!

Graco Pack 'N Play with Newborn Napper- Matthew will sleep in this newborn napper sometimes but the changing table has been key! I've also been using it for Miller again (because he wants to lay up there too) so it's doing double duty

Dr. Brown's BPA Natural Flow Bottle - Still love these bottles and Matthew has taken them like a champ.

WubbaNub Brown Puppy- Matthew loves these pacifiers. Miller would never take them but so far they've been perfect for Matthew. I love that the little animal attached to them helps to keep the pacifier in his mouth

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump- - I just saw while searching to link this that this model has been discontinued by the manufacturer (not sure why).  I still love mine 17 months later and have had no problems using it 2-3 times a day.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags- Love these storage bags! I've been building a freezer supply and these are great for storing large quantities since they can lay flat which is key since I have limited freezer space.

Aden + Anais  Muslin Swaddle Blanket- unlike his brother Matthew loves to be swaddle and so far these are the only blankets he likes to be swaddled in.

Fisher-Price Bath Tub- I had planned on getting a new tub but Matthew has loved this one so far and smiles and coos during bathtime, so for now we're keeping it!

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Pegaso- Again unlike his brother Matthew loves the car seat!! Driving with Miller for the first 4 months of life was awful and stressful because he screamed non stop. Buckle Matthew in and get the car moving and he's asleep within five minutes! It's been so nice and made running errands with him a breeze.

I will be back tomorrow with my postpartum favorites and stay tuned because I'm sharing my c-section recovery secret weapon!!

If you have two or more kids did they love and/or hate different baby products?!

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Family Christmas Pajamas

Last year I decided that we were going to have a new tradition of matching Christmas pajamas that we would all wear on Christmas eve.  I wanted them for the whole family so I went with Hanna Andersson since they have baby, child, and adult sizes.  I also went with Hanna Andersson because I didn't want to have to buy a new pair every year for everyone in the family and their quality is impeccable and lasts forever!  

Here are some pictures from last year:

 ignore my lack of make up and look how little Miller is :(

I decided that girls got the red stripe with the green trim and boys got the green stripe with the red trim. Matthew will be wearing Miller's pair from last year even though they'll be gigantic, Kyle and I still have ours from last year so the only person who got a new pair was Miller (which hopefully he can wear again next year or Matthew can wear).   Kyle absolutely REFUSED to wear the stripes so he got a solid green pair. I couldn't find the green on their website this year so I included the pair he has in the navy color.   I even included Layla in our tradition :).  I'm hoping this year we can get a family picture of everyone in their pajamas.

Family Christmas Pajamas

Daddy:  Thermal long johns in solid top, Thermal long john bottom solid
Mommy: Long john pajama top stripe, Long john pajama bottom stripe
Miller: Kid/toddler long john pajama
Matthew: Baby/toddler night night sleeper
Layla: Very Merry Dog Johns

I know the tradition is kind of cheesy but I know I can't be the only that does matching family pajamas!!  So tell me do you and your husband, kids, pets have matching Christmas pajamas?

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Meeting Santa and Family Photos

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was good but went by way too fast, as always. I still can't believe Christmas is only 10 days away!

On Friday my mom and I took the boys to see Santa.   I wasn't sure how Miller was going to act because up until just a few weeks ago he hasn't had much stranger anxiety.  He was very excited and loved seeing all the little kids until it was our turn. Once he realized it was his turn to sit on the big man's lap he lost it.  He was crying much harder than the photo below but I told him if he just sat one more minute and tried to smile he could have a cookie. He pulled it together a little better after that. I felt sort of bad but it was sort of hysterical too.

As I mentioned last week we had family photos taken the first week of December.  I decided to do these very last minute after Matthew was born because I had no idea what to do about a Christmas card and I wanted some individuals of him as a newborn.  We used Lauren Gaynor Photography and I'm so happy with her work. Her prices were so reasonable and she had the proofs to me later that night since she knew I wanted to use them for Christmas cards! Since Matthew was a newborn and temperatures were freezing we decided to do the photos inside our house.  Getting a 17 month old to sit still for a photo is pretty much impossible but I think Lauren did a great job and I love all the shots!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

Happy Thursday Y'all! Sorry I've been MIA all week but this two kids thing is kicking my butt. The sleep deprivation and lack of free time are catching up with me and everyone in house would prefer clean laundry over a blog post!  Thank you again to everyone who links up!! You know the drill- grab the button and link up below!

Thoughts for Thursday

-We only have two ornaments on our Christmas tree this year. One to represent each one of the boys. I attempted to decorate and when Miller saw it he just said "ball, ball, ball" and proceeded to take all the "ball" ornaments off the tree and throw them. I'd rather have no ornaments that have to say no to him 100 times a day.

- We had professional family photos taken over the weekend and they turned out so well. Getting a 17 month old to cooperate was tough but the photographer was so patient and good with Miller. Here's a little sneak peek:

- I'm on the hunt for a Christmas party dress for Kyle's boss' annual holiday party and these are my front runners below. I tried them both on at Nordstrom but can't decide which one I want! I'm leaning toward the sleeves since I'm pale and out of shape.

- Does anyone have a good resource for faux garland?  I feel all I've found is really fake looking stuff. I'm looking for some we can use  for years to come so I'm willing to spend a little more on it.

- My diet coke addiction is coming back with a vengeance.  I used to be a 2-3 cans a day drinker and then I kicked my habit except for few here and there and now I'm craving them all the time!  I've been buying the little cans so I can get my fix without having too much.

- My ice craving is completely gone. It's so crazy how I have zero desire to chew ice when just a few weeks ago I was eating it non stop and couldn't get enough.

- For some reason I did not lose my sweets/sugar craving. My butt and thighs are not happy about that.

-Instead of Christmas music I've been listening to think album non-stop:
It's finally a grown up less cheesy Taylor Swift

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Whats in my Make Up Bag? Kristen from Playground Prepster

Hey Everyone! Today I have  Kristen from Playground Prepster sharing What's in her Makeup bag! Kristen is mom of two adorable boys and a new baby girl! Her blog is one of my favorite reads. She has the best taste in children's clothes (boys and girls!) and she makes juggling 3 kids look so easy that she almost makes me want to have another one :)  Make sure you stop by and say hi! Thanks again so much for helping me out Kristen since I know how busy you are.

Hi there East Coast Chic readers! I'm Kristen from Playground Prepster
I'm excited to share some of my favorite makeup while Natalie snuggles that new baby boy of hers (and hopefully make up is the last thing on her mind)!

Here are the basics of what you'll find in my bag:
makeup bag

Face: I've been a huge fan of Tarte for a few years. They are free of all those nasty chemicals you wouldn't want on your face and the amazonian clay foundation is the perfect product for my "aging" skin (I need something a little thicker than I used to). I just recently added their concealer to my bag and I always finish everything off with Make Up For Ever's loose powder.

Eyes: I usually just line my eyes, curl my lashes, mascara them and go. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect liner and mascara. I'm trying Make Up For Ever aqua eyes and it's decent. I have a trial of Givenchy mascara. It definitely lengthens my lashes like crazy, but it doesn't really separate them. If I wear shadow, it's pretty basic.

Cheeks: I mainly go for simple Cover Girl cheeks. I like it and it's what my mom wears so it smells like her (and reminds me of her getting ready in the mornings with Good Morning America playing in the background). I recently discovered Tarte cheek stain and will be adding a full size to my bag soon - I really love it.

Lips: Last winter I won a giveaway on Katie's blog and have loved the Rodan and Fields Microdermabrasion for lips ever since. It feels so good and whatever you put on top of your lips after using it goes on so smooth. I've tried Tarte's lip stain and I'm a long time fan of Stila lip glosses (and they are the perfect gift when you are invited to a birthday and aren't sure if it's a gift giving thing or not - I usually buy three because Ulta has a deal, glue dot them together, tie a bow and glue dot it to the card I'm handing the birthday girl). Both I have to reapply multiple times during the day (if I remember).

Recently I was gifted the Tarte Holiday Set and I LOVE it.
I haven't tried everything in it, but I have really liked everything I've tried so far! If you want to try out Tarte, I highly recommend this set!

Thanks for having me Natalie! Hope you are enjoying precious snuggles and getting at least a little sleep! 

In Real Life: Thoughts for Thursday

Hey Everyone! I'm officially back to Thoughts for Thursday! I still have some guests posts for December as I'm  not totally back but I had to return to my TfT :) Remember grab the button and then link up below. Can't wait to see what's on everyone's mind this week.

Thoughts for Thursday
I stumbled upon a story on Gomi** yesterday that led me to a long thread that was like a bad car accident. It was awful but I couldn't look away. It was a blog and blogger I had never heard of but the gist of it was this person stole other bloggers content and pretended it was hers and that she had this beautifully crafted life. It got totally crazy and I don't feel like rehashing the whole thing but one thing that stuck out to me was this girl just wanted to have "the perfect blogger life". Obviously stealing other people's copyrighted images and context is very wrong but she was clearly desperate to fit in. Blogs and social media have created a new kind of mean girls club that people just want to be a part of. The thing is we can craft our internet lives to look as amazing or as awful as we want. It got me thinking about what I say and do and the pictures and image I present on this blog.
I try my best to keep it real but I think at this time of year with all the elaborate wishlists, gift guides, and perfectly decorated mantles and front doors it's hard not to compare yourself. It's hard not to think that your house isn't decorated enough or your budget isn't big enough for all the "must haves". I know I'm doing it myself with so many things right now when I know I  shouldn't.

So if you knew me in real life here are some things you'd know...

-Life with two kids is really hard. I feel like I may have made it sound easy on Monday. It isn't easy. It hard, exhausting, and challenging. I've never felt such guilt doing simple tasks in my entire life.

-Matthew has totally rocked Miller's world. The past 3 days Miller has been so jealous and acting out. I'm trying to put myself in his shoes (instead if just getting angry) and think about how overwhelming this must be for him. Then of course I cry because I feel guilty.

-I don't like asking for help, on anything. It makes me feel like a failure. 

-I feel guilty about how easily I got pregnant. I have many girlfriends who have suffered with infertility or are dealing with it now and it just plain sucks.  I can imagine they've hated me a time or two in the past few years and I don't blame them.

- I can be a huge bitch.

-I shower maybe twice a week these days

-I'm a piler. I have piles all over my house. Piles of bills, piles of clothes, piles of stuff. Piles everywhere. It's my way of "organizing" stuff I either don't want to part with or am too lazy to put away.

-We've never had anyone but family babysit Miller. I can't imagine leaving miller or Matthew with a baby sitter. I know I'm being completely crazy and need to get over it but I just don't know if I can trust anyone enough.

-I'm a huge control freak. People keep telling me to have give Kyle some chores to do around the house to help but I can't because he's just going to do it wrong!! I like things done my way.

-I like to be in charge.

-I'm terrified of flying but love to travel. Xanex and wine help that problem.

-I love nursing my babies but it's just like being pregnant in so many ways and I'm ready to have my body back.  I will continue to do it but it's so hard.

-Before we had kids I had a crazy busy social life and was always out with friends, traveling, partying, etc. I'm lucky if I see them every other month these days.

-Sometimes I miss my old life and the 1am trips to Pizza Boli's and hangover brunches. Hangover brunches are my favorite.

-I'm always late. Always.

-My marriage is great but having kids totally changes everything. We are in the thick of being mommy and daddy right now that it's hard to even remember who Kyle and Natalie. Sometimes I worry we'll never get back there.

 -I love shopping and spending money. Sometimes I feel so shallow and materialistic but new clothes, shoes, bags or make up feel like therapy sometimes.

-I have a shopping allowance. Kyle paid off a bunch of my credit card debit after we got married so I've had an allowance ever since. 

-I don't like going anywhere without make up on. I wish I could be one of those roll out of bed and go people but I'm not and I never will be. I even have a hard time embracing the mom yoga pants uniform because I feel the need to be more dressed up. I think it's the uniform wearing catholic school girl in me.

-I have about 11lbs of baby weight to lose. It doesn't sound like a lot but after 2 pregnancies in 16 months nothing is in the same place. It feels more like 20lbs. I'm afraid I may never get my pre-baby body back.  I'm afraid of how long it might take.

-I put Miller in two playgroups this year but they're really for me. I'm looking for some "mom friends" and I don't feel like I'm any good at making friends anymore.  Motherhood can be lonely and isolating.

So tell me what's something we would only know about you if we were real life friends?!

*Sorry for the heavy post, you can blame my pregnancy hormones :)

**Gomi for those who don't know stands for Get off my Internets and its basically a blogger hate site with forums where people bitch about/trash  bloggers. It's gross, google it of you want to know more because I refuse to link to it from here.

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